Friday, March 20, 2009

Nekkid Justice

I just read the best story of the week. Usually, I think it is a really bad idea for porn stars to become socially conscious. really, like anyone really cares what Jenna Haze thinks about the current economic crisis. On occasion, things happen to turn my opinoin around. This week, Italian porn actress Laura Perego saunteed into the Milan stock exchange and bared all in protest of the way that business has handled Italy's economy. Her proest consisted of red, green, and white body paint and a tiny, tiny g-string. She accused them of "stripping Italians of everything but their underwear." She was taken to a police station, and energed an hour later telling reporters that "many officers commended me on my fight for a just cause." I might point out here that under these circumstances a wolfshistle or a casually spouted "Nice rack!" would amount to political support of the cause. Still, I love this story because only in Italy can porn stars and poster girls possibly engage in political involvement and be taken somewhat seriously. What a country!

My back is super tight and Dr. Tiffany had a hard time adjusting me. I'm feeling edgy -PMS, y'all- and am tense as a bowstring. It may be time to head over to Brookstone in the mall and commandeer a masage chair for ten or twenth minutes.

Still reading that dreadful collection of critical essays on Cindy Sherman. Some aren't too bad but right now I am in the middle of a 50-page doozy and it is not even that interesting. How is it that scholars get away with writing bad articles? Not that some of the ideas aren't good, but that the argument is nebulous and ill-organized until the thesis FINALLY appears on the last page. Maybe the worst thing about this book is that everything is taken from a post-structuralist and postmodernist viewpoint. Like, this thinking has SO 90's, and yet the October Files has launched a series of books to present contemporary art in pomo terms, and this Cindy Sherman volume is a part of this series. The Krauss I am reading is the sixth article in the book. I have already overdosed on the idea of "representation," but this chick just keeps belaboring the point for 50 pages. It's times like this that I disagree vehemently with a former professor who believes that academia is about "copia," writing pages and pages of words words words making a point about a topic the entirety of which could be well-covered in half the space. What is so great about diarrhea of the keyboard? How can you execute a well organized and rhetorically effective argument if you indulge so deeply in rambling that your audience has abandoned the article out of sheer boredom? AAAARRRRRGGGHHH.

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